The new era of skincare

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The beauty industry needed a product that adapts to your skin’s needs and is made from natural ingredients. Discover skin detoxes and and vitamin boosters for tired complexions.
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A renewedidentity

Our objective is to help cement Romy’s position in the cosmetics market by ensuring the brand maintains a consistent, mature and memorable identity.

Re-thinking e‑commerce

As for the design of the e-boutique, we worked closely with Romy’s developers to create a platform with a simple design that simultaneously offers a truly bespoke service.

One-stop social playbook

We also provided Romy with a year-long turnkey package comprising guidelines and templates as well as content recommendations for improving their social strategy.
For the second consecutive year, we are helping Romy bring their groundbreaking dermatological research and bespoke skincare regimen to the world.
4 photoshoots
5 pack designs
20+ social templates