A Wider Worldof Aromas

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Growing perfect tobacco is the first step in creating perfect cigars. Be transported to the Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic and trace the origins of Davidoff’s aromas.
Be transported to the Cibao Valley

A virtual realityexperience

Using real-time 3D computer graphics, the soothing voice of a tobacco specialist invites you to explore the visually rich animated surroundings.

Ride with the cosecheros

Feel the optimum climate required to grow Davidoff tobacco and experience first hand what it’s like to work in the Cibao Valley.

From cropto shop

We brought this virtual experience to selected retail outlets so Davidoff clients could experience the complex heritage of their cigars while shopping.
The experience was made available on YouTube so anyone, anywhere can trace the rich heritage of Davidoff cigars in 360 on a mobile device, thanks to Google Cardboard.
6000+ users
4'30 minutes
4 seasons encompassed