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The interactive aroma bar is an olfactive experience that explores the five exquisite aromas intrinsic to Davidoff cigars.

An aromaticadventure

For the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) exhibition, we built a multisensory installation to introduce guests to a new range of exquisite cigar flavours.


We developed a custom-made Arduino program to link audio and video content as well as five original scents made using olfactive technology.

A wider worldof Aromas

From cedar wood to honey, by squeezing the fragrance pears, users were immersed in Davidoff’s wider world of aromas.
Whether you’re heading to the TFWA in Cannes or a Davidoff flagship store, the aroma bar is light and simple to assemble and therefore easy to transport.
6 000+ users
10 arduinos in a series
5 evocative aromas