Your wildestChristmas yet

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This holiday season, let your untamable spirit free. In partnership with Stink Paris, watch Christmas come to life with Chloé.

An epicChristmas tale

For their end-of-the-year film, Chloe asked us to venture into the mountains to capture a wild race, symbolizing the long-awaited Christmas season.

A magnificent team

To capture the majesty of these horses, we brought together a team of talented wranglers and trainers, where Mario Luraschi’s team could capture their movements in an elevated setting.

Riding inthe snow

We sought out an untouched landscape, where snow was still aplenty in mid-April, Haute Savoie.
This project, in collaboration with Stink Paris, meant adapting to shifting landscapes and developing a solution-oriented and agile team to ensure this challenging production ran smoothly.
3 horses
2kg of cheese
1 snowmobile