A 600 yearsheritage journey

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Discover the Château Latour heritage, home of one of the most exquisite Premier Cru wines, loved by everyone from Napoleon III to today’s top connoisseurs.

A journeythrough time

We researched documents about the Château Latour estate dating back to the 14th century, and used this knowledge to create an authentic and historically accurate experience.

Innovation meets craftsmanship

Expertise on 80,000 different wines from more than 92 hectares of land is disseminated through an interactive map of the Pauillac region.

Real time weather and lighting

Using a Unity 3D videogame engine with a 55 inch screen, users explore their virtual surroundings - an accurate impression of the Pauillac region - in real time.
By putting the history of the estate into the users’ hands, this state-of-the-art, onsite storytelling tool is helping continue the legacy of Château Latour.
600+ years of heritage
55" screen
90 hectares of land