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6 months after Louis, a first chatbot relating to baggage, Lucie was born with an ambitious goal: to book your perfect trip through a conversational experience.
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The holiday search reinvented

Knowing 2/3 social media users don’t have a specific destination in mind when booking a holiday, Lucie offers a conversational experience for finding the perfect trip.

A modern and spirited campaign

With pleasure being at the centre of Air France’s 2018 communication strategy, we created a colourful figurative campaign to support the launch of Lucie.

Social media tailored content

We adopted a playful tone and witty visual language in order to appeal to millenials, and created three shorter edits of the promotional video for use on social media.
Lucie brings fun and rich content via an innovative touchpoint to boost sales – conversational commerce for travelers from France and Canada.
The Drum
45" full version
220k+ views
3 social edits