Embark onsecret voyage

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Go beyond the impressive gates to experience a more intimate side of Versailles—where stories come to life and secrets are revealed. Come aboard and we’ll take you there.

Fasten your seatbelts

To promote its new business class offerings, Air France invites you to discover the best kept secrets of the Palace of Versailles immediately upon arrival.

Versailles like you’ve never seen it

Look closely and you’ll discover the Palace hidden gates, the doors of the Queen’s Theatre, or step off the beaten path and find the Queen’s Hamlet.

History comes to life

Immerse yourself in one of the most stunning and iconic places in France through the chic, modern sensibility of Air France.
Targeting the US, Chinese, and Japanese markets, Air France and the Palace of Versailles partnered to give audiences a glimpse at some of the best kept secrets France has to offer.
3 secrets
4 key markets
300 years of history